Ramapo Veteran’s Day Program

This year we had a wonderful Veterans Day at Ramapo Manor. This was my first Veterans Day as a concierge so it was very exciting to see what goes on. We gathered all of our veterans and their family members into one of our dining rooms at 2:30 and from there began doing various activities. We started out by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance followed by one of our Residents singing the star spangled banner. We then had some of our residents talk and share a little bit about themselves. Some of the information they shared was what branch of the military they were from, how long they served and really whatever else they wanted to say. From there we had cupcakes with American flags that we handed out along with beverages to the residents and their family members. It was very nice seeing all of the residents socialize with each other and share their stores. It wasn’t a celebration but more of a day of recognition and saying thank you in so many different ways. Thanks to the help from all of our staff especially our activities department we made Veterans Day very special to our residents here at Ramapo Manor.


Shared by Kris Perez, Director of Concierge Services