Case Study: The Willows at Ramapo Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (January 2019)

Patient’s Age: 76-years-old
Admission Date: 12/21/18
Admitted From: GSH
Discharge Date: 1/17/19
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 28 days

Eric Olsen, a 76-year-old male who previously stayed with us at The Willows in January 2018 for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) exacerbations, was re-admitted in December 2018 following a hospitalization at The Good Samaritan Hospital for exacerbation of severe emphysematous/COPD with acute chronic hypercapnic and hypoxemic respiratory failure. Along with Eric’s Stage 4 COPD, he also has comorbidities of anxiety and depression with continuous oxygen at 3 liters.

Upon his arrival to The Willows, Eric was greeted, welcomed, and evaluated by our clinical team of physical, occupational, and pulmonary therapists. A treatment plan was developed with specific goals to ensure Mr. Eric’s recovery. His goal’s included a therapy plan which outlined sessions of exercise and activity tolerance with goals of reducing his shortness of breath and fatigue while increasing his walking and energy span.

The staff identified that Mr. Eric’s continuous hospitalizations and breathing challenges would trigger and flair up during the start of his day once he exits his bed during the completion of his ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). While attempting to bathe and dress, he became fatigued and short of breath. Therapy noticed this and developed a plan to support his ADLs with tech support and allowed Mr. Eric to use the Airvo High Flow Oxygen device. This device allowed Eric to preserve his energy, extending his exercise time to complete his workout plan, while decreasing breaks.

Physical therapy was able to focus on his balance, strength endurance, leg exercises, and ambulation on flat surfaces to include stair climbing (as Mr. Eric lives with three flights of stairs to climb on a daily basis). Occupational therapy focused on his upper body, performing weighted arm exercises, energy conserving techniques, and activities that would help improve his functional day to day living.

Great improvements were seen day-to-day. Mr. Eric slowly surpassed his goals and expectations. With great success and newly learned therapeutic techniques, he has been able to decrease his shortness of breath to walk greater distances with fewer breaks and was able to safely walk up three flights of stairs.

Another success to mention is that Mr. Eric was evaluated and approved to have The Life 2000 Portable Ventilator for in-home use. The ventilator will improve his respiratory status, giving him a better quality of life living with Stage 4 COPD.

During Mr. Eric’s stay, he also received great care and support from his clinical team. They were a key factor in treatment goals while providing daily motivation, conversations, and inspirations. Eric reported that he really enjoyed the nursing support, concierge services, and the companionship and social aspect of the community.

He ate all of his meals in the community’s dining room alongside of his peers and enjoyed playing chess with other residents in the evenings. With only being at The Willows for a month, Mr. Eric has made tremendous improvements with hard work and determination and was successfully discharged home. The Willows’ team wished Mr. Eric a safe return home and with all his future endeavors. It was our pleasure to serve and support him.