Case Study: The Willows at Ramapo Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (August 2019)

Patient’s Name: Strode, Jamie
Patient’s Age: 82-years-old
Admission Date: 06/29/2019
Admitted From: Helen Hayes Hospital
Discharge Date: 08/28/19
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 61 days
Reason for Stay: Fall

Details of Experience:
Jamie Strode is an 82-year-old female who came to our community from Good Samaritan Hospital where she was admitted for a fall. She also has a history of Anemia, Hypertension, and Renal Cancer. Also, as of the time of her admission she was wearing a brace on her wrist to keep it stable until she heals completely.

Upon her arrival to our community, Jamie was greeted by our concierge, Yehuda, who welcomed her to our community and spoke with her about any questions or thoughts she had as it pertained to her care and experience. Shortly thereafter, Jamie was greeted by our Therapy Team for physical and occupational therapy evaluation – the assessments were in efforts of building her custom plan of care. A therapy plan and a set of goals were formulated and put into action by each discipline. We were now ready to hit the ground running and give Jamie her life back!

Physical Therapy began by working on patient mobility. Exercises were offered to ensure that Jamie was practicing bed mobility and transfers – from the bed to the wheelchair or regular chair. One hurdle, in the beginning, was her limitations with weight-bearing status on her right wrist. Until her status was upgraded for safety purposes, her therapists had to adapt the procedures to continue her physical progress. Additionally, Jamie had right hip pain, which slightly impeded her ambulation.

Slowly, progress was being made and her pain decreased. Her weight-bearing status was now upgraded to allow her to bear weight and pressure on her wrist, which greatly assisted her during therapy times. Her former limitations begin to diminish one-by-one, and her healing journey became much more evident. She began to make great strides with both ambulation and transfers!

Jamie worked her way up to being able to do all of her activities independently. Toward the end of her time in our community, she enjoyed her independence and loved taking walks around the building throughout the day!

Alongside Occupational Therapy, Jamie had the same limitations and adjustments with her weight-bearing status of her right wrist. This didn’t stop her progress or will to recover. She learned how to use her left side more and more, which assisted her day-to-day tasks. As her weight-bearing status was upgraded, she was able to start using both hands to complete her daily living skills like hygiene, bathing, dressing, and overall care of herself. She worked on a goal to become more and more independent each day. With the use of various exercises and training techniques she was able to eventually able to reach her goal and return to the independence that she knew before her fall.

Jamie was visited daily by our concierge, Yehuda. He was constantly checking up on her and seeing how she was doing. She was constantly walking around the community with a smile on her face. She loved sitting by the window and looking at nature. She was a pleasure to have as a patient! Jamie offered that she was happy with her stay here at The Willows and with all the incredible staff. With hard work and her efforts, and despite her early limitations and hurdles, Jamie found a way to meet all her goals and returned home stronger, healthier and more prepared for her life at home!