Case Study: Ramapo Manor Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing (November 2016)

Patients Age: 64
Admission Date: 11/02/16
Admitted From: Good Samaritan Hospital
Discharge Date: 11/30/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 29 Days
Reason for Stay: COPD
How did this patient hear about Ramapo Manor? Has been here before

Details of Experience:

Rose was admitted to the hospital for three weeks with a severe diagnosis of pneumonia and shortness of breath. Her condition worsened by having COPD as a result of being a heavy smoker for 30 years. When she fell asleep her breathing worsened to a point that her carbon dioxide (CO2) levels would rise and she would go into respiratory failure. She was admitted to Ramapo Manor before and had done well with the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. She asked the social workers at the hospital to return to Ramapo Rehab to help her recover. Upon admission to Ramapo Manor, she was evaluated by the respiratory therapist for the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. He placed her on a Bipap machine and mask to sleep and prevent the development of respiratory failure. Along with the help of the physical and occupational therapy teams, she started on an exercise program to decrease her oxygen and increase her walking mobility.

Rose was taught how to conserve energy and avoid anxiety while increasing her strength in walking and breathing more effectively to develop her own oxygen rather than relying on portable oxygen tanks. She was so amazed how quickly she got better. Her oxygen was lowered from four liters per minute to two liters, and she was able to go without oxygen support for short periods of time during walks. Rose was later able to walk long distances without shortness of breath again. The Pulmonary Rehab program at Ramapo Manor has given Rose her life back. Thank you to all the amazing therapists, excellent program, equipment, and education for her to take these exercise’s home to maintain fewer hospitalizations. All the staff were competent, friendly and made getting better fun for her. Rose says she would highly recommend the Pulmonary Rehab program at Ramapo Rehab to anyone have Cardiac or Respiratory issues needing aggressive care. We are all wishing Rose a safe and happy, healthy Holidays.