Case Study: Ramapo Manor Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing (February 2017)

Patients Age: 74
Admission Date: 11/22/16
Admitted From: Good Samaritan Hospital
Discharge Date: 2/18/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 88 Days
Reason for Stay: Unspecified, Encephlapothy
How did this patient hear about Ramapo Manor? Community Member

Details of Experience:

Helen was admitted from Good Samaritan Hospital on 11/22/16, after being diagnosed with Encephalitis. Helen had been recovering at home from a recent right hip replacement before the diagnosis. Helen was rehospitalized at Good Samaritan Hospital by her family for confusion, disorientation, and insomnia. She was later admitted to Ramapo Manor Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing on 11/22/17. Helen was greeted by the entire interdisciplinary team in less than 24 hours of arrival.

Helen was amazed at how everyone was so warm and welcoming from the minute she arrived. She required total dependence during her first few days at Ramapo Manor; however, she was motivated to participate in therapy to return to her prior level of functioning. Helen received both occupational and physical therapy six days a week for approximately 12 weeks to facilitate improvement in her overall functional status. Occupational therapy addressed bed mobility, Activities of Daily Living performance, functional mobility, adaptive equipment training, and overall strengthening and endurance. Physical therapy addressed standing balance/tolerance, strength and gait training to facilitate her ability to transfer and ambulate safely utilizing a rollator.

Helen had a positive outlook and was motivated to participate and made steady progress toward all of her goals. Both occupational and physical therapy worked closely together with Helen and her family to help achieve all of her goals. Helen was able to safely return home at a higher level of performance and independence! Helen stated that the therapy she received was outstanding and she wouldn’t change a thing. She also shared that she was pleased with the nursing and care she received here.