Case Study: Ramapo Manor Center For Rehabilitation And Nursing (Dec 2014)

Patients Age: 83
Admission Date: 10/10/14
Admitted From: Nyack Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/10/14
Discharged To: Ramapo Manor
Length of Stay: 69 Days
Reason for Stay: Fractured Pelvic
How did this patient hear about Ramapo Manor?
This patient had previously stayed here in 2007.

Details of Experience:
This patient came to Ramapo Manor Friday October 10th. She came to Ramapo because she had fractured her Pelvic and was in need of Rehabilitation. When she first arrived she was a nervous wreck about being here and wanted to go home right away. When I went into her room for a New Admission Evaluation she was very shy. It only took about two minutes until she was so comfortable that she started talking up a storm. Her first few days were very rough for her. She was unable to get out of her bed for the first ten days. She would receive therapy in her room because of her condition but would always have a smile on her face. After about two weeks she was up and about and walking like it was nothing. The physical therapy team was astonished on how fast she recovered. She would always be such a delight for our nursing staff and would never cause any problems or complain about taking her medication. The nurses on the unit would always come out of her room and say “I love that lady”. I became so friendly with her that every time I saw her I would call her Anna Banana and always ask if there was anything that she needed. When I would go into her room she would always sit me down and we would exchange life stories and how time goes by so fast. When she was ready to leave I went in and did a Discharge survey with her and she gave us 10’s across the board. She was so satisfied with her stay her that she wished she could have stayed longer. I had the privilege to see Anna while I was out one day delivering gifts to nearby Doctor offices. When we recognized each other in the waiting room our eyes lit up. I gave her a huge hug and said that we all missed her so much at Ramapo Manor. I wished her a happy holiday season and said that I hope to see her again someday. Since Anna has left we remain to stay in contact weekly and she continues to be in good health and is getting stronger each day. Anna was a huge success story and we were honored to have her as a patient at Ramapo Manor.