Case Study: Ramapo Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing (January 2016)

Patients Age: 80
Admission Date: 3/2/15
Admitted From: GSH
Discharge Date: 1/28/16
Discharged To: Ramapo Manor
Length of Stay: 332 Days
Reason for Stay: Right Foot Wound
How did this patient hear about Ramapo?John who is a Case Manager at GSH.

Details of Experience:

Carl Harris came to Ramapo Manor on March 3rd 2015 after a two week stay at a nearby hospital. Carl came to Ramapo Manor for Rehabilitation but had some complications along the way. He was dealing with a very bad wound on his Right Foot which later caused the doctors to have to amputate part of his leg. Throughout all of the bad things that were going on Carl always had a positive attitude. He was a very caring person and he made wonderful friendships with a lot of the resident’s here at RM. After a few months at the facility Carl was able to resume Therapy. It took him a while but eventually Carl was stable enough to go home.

When I spoke to the therapist I asked them “So how did Carl make out, do you think he will be able to climb the 3 steps to get into his house?” The therapist looked at me and goes “Kris he would be able to climb 30.” I immediately smiled when I heard that answered and realized that Carl was strong enough to go home. On his last day here Carl ordered pizzas for all of his nurses, aides and therapists thanking them for all of their hard work. Carl was with us a long time but we were happy that he was able to leave here feeling 100%. We are all going to miss Carl very much but at the same time we are so proud of him for getting back to his everyday living.