Case Study: Ramapo Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing (December 2015)

Patients Age: 69
Admission Date: 5/6/15
Admitted From: ORMC
Discharge Date: 12/23/15
Discharged To: Ramapo Manor
Length of Stay: 216 Days
Reason for Stay: Pulmonary Rehab
How did this patient hear about Ramapo?The Case Manager at ORMC

Details of Experience:
Patient came to Ramapo Manor on May 6th from ORMC. When Patient first arrived, she was having a lot of breathing issues and was going to need intense rehabilitation. Patient was right away a candidate for our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. She worked exclusively with our RT Joe Potts a few times a week. Slowly but surely she was getting better in every way possible. After 216 days, she was finally strong enough to go home. When I asked Joe Potts how she did with her Rehab, he responded with “She was a ROCKSTAR!” We are so proud of her and we wish her all the best on her recovery back at home.