Upcoming Events

Check out our June recreation calendar for more information on the exciting programs taking place throughout our community!



Summer Vacation

Summer is the season for vacations! Join us for a virtual vacation on June 11th, 18th and 25th.  Help us plan our trip on the 11th. Help us collect the items we need on our trip on the 18th and finally come with us on our trip on the 25th.  Don’t worry, there is always enough room as we drive our virtual Chevy and see the USA in our Chevrolet! 

Traveling to Asia!

On June 26th, we travel away to one of the great countries of the world.  A land of pagodas yet a great economic center in Asia. A land of tradition and a land of modernization as sophisticated as New York or Tokyo, but it was in this land that some of our residents fought a three-year war for this country’s independence; welcome to South Korea! Learn about its culture, history, and geography.  Then at the end of the day, enjoy some Korean B-B-Q!