“The Willows is a great place for rehab and long-term care. I was here for rehab and now I’ve transitioned to the long term unit for more care. The aides and nurses are all nice and patient. The rehab really helped make me stronger and feel better. The food is delicious and plentiful. The facility is clean and smells nice. Even the maintenance guys are friendly and fix whatever I need right away!” – Vincent D.

“It’s my third time in this great nursing home called The Willows. The therapy team is amazing; they are kind and patient. The new rehab gym is beautiful, and my room is nice and comfortable. The aides and nurses are great- they come in right away when I press the call bell, even in the middle of the night.” – Joan D.

“They treated me like gold here. The therapy was excellent; it was friendly and enjoyable.” – Maria M.

“I’ve enjoyed working for the past two years here at The Willows. It makes the job and work easier when you work with such great people. A lot of times at other jobs I’ve seen people who are just ‘clock punchers.’ They arrive for the beginning of their shift and they are counting the minutes till they can punch out. But here at The Willows, I see people who are very passionate about their work and take pride in doing a good job. They treat each patient with respect and take the time to get to know them personally. I myself treat each patient as I would one of my family members and I see other co-workers who share my same values.” – Chris T.

“I have found the care at The Willows to be above measure. The nursing staff and aides are attentive and caring. Occupational and physical therapy is intense and thorough. They push you to do the best that you can.” – Denise T.

“I enjoy working at The Willows at Ramapo because of the pleasant work environment. The opportunity to interact not only with the residents but with their family and friends is very gratifying.” – Joan

“I have been a patient here for a little over a week. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous. They always make sure I am ok and have what I need. The facility is always clean and neat. In my opinion, the therapy department is outstanding. I have been to another facility and there is no comparison.” – J.T.

“I have been a patient here at The Willows for 11 days. I have had family stay here in the past. This place has made a complete turnaround. The care has gotten so much better, the staff is very friendly to the patients and they have been a great help to me. The menu that they have is better than the one at the hospital where I was. I would highly recommend this place to family and friends.” – Alex. D

“Of all the facilities and hospitals that I have experienced, The Willows is the most current, up-to-date, and peaceful of them all. The entire staff has been outstanding with my care and treatment, and I have not encountered any concerns. I’m getting great treatment and therapy services. I’m also communicating about my progress and care. The rehabilitation department has been very supportive and great with outlining my goals and helping me strengthen myself physically and mentally. These are all true comments and valid experiences that I have encountered during my time at The Willows. Please don’t think that this is a paid commercial because it’s not. This is the way that I feel. I have experienced many facilities due to myself and my wife’s health needs. This is the finest of them all. They have a Concierge Service, whom the Concierge, Yehuda G., is absolutely outstanding. He is very attentive and checks in with me multiple times a day. I have been extremely impressed by The Willows and I feel very well taken care of by the entire staff. I would like to come back as a visitor, not as a patient to volunteer and support the other patients and this wonderful community. There is not much more to add other than my rating of a 14 on a 10 point scale! The Willows have exceeded my expectations and I am thankful to be here!” – Bob G.

“I have been here at The Willows for three weeks. I was in other places prior to The Willows. This place is so much better. The staff is so much nicer, the food is better and the rehab team here is outstanding. I am making much progress.” – Bill T.

“I have been to The Willows for short term rehab and was discharged. After a couple of months, I had to come back and now I am here long-term. The staff is wonderful; they are all so sweet. I love the painting classes and activities that are done here.” – Sandy C.

“In my opinion, one of my observations with the therapy department is that they are outstanding, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping patients. I have had a pleasant stay and my overall experience has been great. I would highly recommend this facility to others.” – William H.

“The Willows has been the best part of my recovery from surgery. I have nothing but good things to say about everyone on the team here. The kindness and concern here are so genuine, it makes me wonder what I did to deserve such treatment. My speech therapist, Louren, respiratory tech, Chris, occupational therapists, Marlo, Karin, and physical therapist, Alfred, are some of the people who worked to make me well. I think it would be hard to find a more professional team than Team seven. They are all caring and conscientious. Nurses, Ebony, and Crystal are outstanding at their job, but so are all the nurses who had to put up with me. I’m anxious to get home, but I really hate to leave the people I’ve met and become friends with here at The Willows. I’m leaving here in much better shape than when I came and the soup is the best I’ve ever tasted.” – Hank S.

“I have been here for just a few days so far everything is going well. The food is good, the rehab is great and all the nurses are very friendly here.” – Bob. M

“I have been working at The Willows for over 4 years, and I’ve loved every minute of it! All members of the interdisciplinary team are amazing to work with and so easy to communicate with. I have learned so much during my time here essentially because we care for many patients who present with a large spectrum of diagnoses. It’s great to be able to witness how much everyone here impacts the lives of all the patients in a positive manner. Honestly, the best part of my day is seeing the patients who came to our facility with difficulty performing certain tasks, present with improvement in overall function and independence in their daily activities. More importantly, I love seeing the positivity the patients emit and the genuine happiness they exude while they are here. I couldn’t be happier that I am able to work in a place where I can walk in the building every day with a smile on my face.” – Lauren M.

“I like everything here. The staff are wonderful and go above and beyond for me. The food here is great and I have no complaints.” – Clara O.

“There are just not enough words to express my gratitude to all the staff here. They always showed love and respect for me. I promise I will come back to visit everyone here. God bless all of you.” – James B.

“My stay at The Willows has been a real surprise. The therapists are truly skilled and I’ve made great progress. I’ve seen improvement with the most challenging cases. The nurses on my unit are caring and courteous. My stay has also been meaningful and interactive with many of the people who work here, and I have enjoyed every moment of it.” -Ann M.

“My stay here at The Willows at Ramapo has been great so far. The staff and the care have come a long way since I was last here two years ago. I would recommend this place to my friends and family.” – Marjorie H.

“I have been in and out of different rehab facilities and this is the best I have ever been in. The staff do a great job and are very courteous. They have good activities if you want to participate. This place is a 5 star!” – Lisa

“The staff have been very courteous and helpful. I love the new renovations, it looks a lot nicer than last time I was here.” – Nancy

“The entire staff is wonderful. They constantly come in and ask how I am doing. Even the housekeeping staff asked me daily how I was doing. Therapy is great; they are so nice and they have so much patience. The therapists are the ones who got me better to the point where I could go home. Jonathan, the concierge, is a doll. His smile and kindness that he has for everyone is exceptionally nice. I want to thank the whole staff for being so nice throughout my stay.”- Isabella

I have been here for a little bit now, and the staff here are wonderful. I am very happy I came here. I am now walking again and it’s because of all the amazing staff here. The therapy and care here is great.” – Nelson

“My 21-year-old daughter stayed at Ramapo Manor Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing for 3 months. She has a TBI. I was so pleased with the treatment she received while she was there. The place is extremely neat and clean. The food is amazing. Everyone there has a smile on their face, from the front desk, the nurses, aides to the therapists. Jonathan, the Director of Concierge, greets you when you come and makes sure that you have everything you need. He is basically the “fix it” guy. If you have a problem or need something he is your man. The nurses are all so nice and extremely patient, as are all of the aides. Dale is part of the activities team (they are all young and full of energy). He is such a great guy. He came to my daughter’s room to bring her to the many activities that are offered there. My daughter enjoyed bingo, painting, coloring, disco bowling, balloon volleyball, glee club, massages, crafts, cooking class, parties, and so much more. The therapists are also amazing. Lauren is a speech therapist and a really sweet person. She worked closely with my daughter and also became friends with her. The physical therapists got my daughter walking with minimal help, helped her use a walker, helped her to stand, sit, get into bed and out and gave her the confidence to stand tall and to be proud of her accomplishments. Her occupational therapists helped my daughter to do everyday tasks like brush her teeth, get dressed, wash herself, feed herself, brush her hair, etc. You just don’t realize how much help someone needs or what they need to learn until you see the therapists in action and how far your loved one progresses. There were many tears on my part when we left because I felt like I was leaving my family. I appreciate each and every person at Ramapo that entered my daughter’s life. My daughter’s aide “my favorite,” as she called my daughter and my daughter called her, treated my daughter as if she were her own. She is truly a loving and caring woman. The social worker Tara was always there to help, she’s friendly and always smiling. Now that my daughter is home, I really miss everyone even more because I realize how much they did for my daughter. I know this is long but I truly had nothing but praise for Ramapo Manor and all the people that work there. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my daughter! Thank you all so much.” – Lori F.

“I love having the opportunity to bring music to the residents at Ramapo. Not only do they enjoy it, but the music is utilized in a way which meant to assist with relaxation, socializing with peers, and self-expression.”

“As a fairly new member of the Ramapo team, I was welcomed by the staff and residents. Working with this team, that is compassionate and dedicated to the residents, is wonderful.” – L.L

“Both Mary’s at the desk has gone above and beyond any regular care for me; they have been there for me all the way through when I needed someone to talk to. Carol also has been comforting with me and has helped me answer the questions I was having a hard time with. Both nurses Ebony and Monique have taken care of all my medical needs since I do take a lot, and need at all sorts of hours. My aide Susie has been AWESOME, she has helped me with everything… Jonathan is wonderful; he is always going up the hallways making sure everyone has what they need. I am very fortunate to have my rehab done here and God forgives if I say If I need to have rehab again, my first choice would be Ramapo Manor.” – John R.

“I have enjoyed my time working at Ramapo Manor so far! I feel as though I am already part of this family. Everyone here works together as a team and I am thankful to be part of it. I love seeing the residents each day. They bring a smile to my face.” – T.Z.

“I have been here for a little bit and the staff here is just wonderful; they care about the patients. Very attentive and friendly. I am not the average person who goes to a nursing home; I am 22 years old. The staff goes above and beyond. Thank you.” – E.F.

“I started working at Ramapo Manor eight months ago as a contract employee and now I am a regular staff member. I like coming to work here because it is an easy and scenic commute, and Ramapo Manor is located in a great neighborhood. What I like most about Ramapo is getting to meet all the new people all the time and all the hard-working have staff I get to work with.” – E.R.C.

“I am very pleased with the people and conditions at Ramapo. I look forward to seeing Pat who comes in at 11 PM. When I hear her voice and see her, I feel good, calm. I learned that everything will be taken care of in a thoughtful, correct, pleasant way.” – S.Z.

“The people at Ramapo are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work. We work hard and are recognized for doing so. I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference, I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when you need it. My coworkers and management team are social, knowledgeable, and caring. I am allowed to grow and show my potential. I am able to use my skills and knowledge as well as push myself in areas that I am unsure of myself. I love my job I do.” – Alia Z.

“I was very happy with the service and accommodations at Ramapo. Overall it is a very nice place and the staff is great.” – M.E.

“Service provided here is very cordial. Everyone is so nice. The PT and OT staff go way beyond and above the normal- kudos. Great job by all.”

“I’m so glad I work at Ramapo Manor. The place is beautiful; I would recommend it to anyone to bring their family or loved one here. Everyone in the facility is very friendly.”

“I love my job; I like to communicate and interact with my residents when I give them patient care. I like to cheer them up and treat them with respect.”

“I am so happy with Ramapo Manor; the staff here do a great job taking care of me.” – Agostino

“I enjoy playing bingo, painting, and listening to live music on Thursdays… and participating in the history and discussion classes.” – Madeline

“I love working at Ramapo Manor. It is a warm and friendly atmosphere. I enjoy providing activities such as music, crafts, and magic.” – David Schwall

“I [have been] working at Ramapo Manor since 2004. I enjoy working at Ramapo. I enjoyed working with my patients and my coworkers… [I] enjoy working with patients, assisting them as needed. Making a difference in their life is what I enjoy the most.”

“I’ve been at Ramapo for a couple of weeks and I like their renovations, can’t wait until it’s done. The staff here is wonderful and does a good job. On the whole, I absolutely love the concern, care, love, respect, and dignity that the wonderful employees of Ramapo Manor provide. I had a right ankle fusion which rendered me completely helpless because I cannot put any weight on my ankle for three months. All the staff made a point to make sure I was comfortable and they even come to my assistance with my depression. Most especially Erlinde, Rose, Evilan, and Louise offered comfort and friendliness to me. Dale, Dave, and Jay the activity guys are great. I had wonderful therapists; Beth, Phyllis, and Chelsea were great. Kitchen the food is great and the people there get you whatever you need; the aides are all very accommodating and informative. I’ve been at other nursing homes and therapy facilities, but none compared to the high-quality and level that Ramapo Manor provides. The concierge program is an unbelievable program; Jonathan did a great job in making me feel comfortable and welcome.” – Monica M.

“This is a beautiful place; the people working here are very courteous and capable. Always pleasant with others.” – John C.

“I am happy when a resident told me I made their stay very comfortable. I like this place because my coworkers care… we all have respect for each other.” – Surge T.

“When I arrived by ambulance at Ramapo Manor, I could barely take two steps. I have been in hospitals for seven months and was restricted to bed. Now, three weeks later, thanks to my physical therapists and her complete knowledge of my situation, I am walking 75 feet at a time, 4 times each session. I am so thankful to Ramapo for their excellent program and excellent staff.” – Eileen W.

“The facility is really clean, rooms are always neat and tidy. OT and PT are going great. Really happy I’m here.” – Stanley W.

“I recently took on directorship and activities. Planning these events keeps me so busy, and at the end of the day, seeing our residents smile, and enjoying their life here at Ramapo, brings me such great joy and leaves me feeling so unbelievably accomplished.”

– Dale O’Dell

“All the staff, nurses, aides, social directors are all very helpful. Anything you ask them to do is done with a smile on their faces. The concierge Jonathan does whatever he can do to correct any problems or questions anyone may have.”

“I am the brother of a patient and I would like to say I am very satisfied with the way things are run over here, she is very happy in her new home.” – Frank S.

“I’ve been at Ramapo Manor for over 35 years. People ask me why I stay. The answer is quite simple; the residents and staff at Ramapo are my family, and I need them as much as they need me. It’s rare to find a position that is so rewarding. I thank CareRite for all the support that they give.” – John B., Dir. Of Activities

“Working at Ramapo Manor, I definitely enjoy working on team seven; my head nurses, CNA’s and coworkers are a great group of people to work with, which definitely makes coming to work even better. I also enjoy interacting with people and patients on a daily basis. Our concierge is a very friendly guy and is always willing to go above and beyond truly amazing.”

“I have been at Ramapo Manor for a few weeks now and the PT/OT are outstanding, I feel like I made so much progress. The nurses here are very nice, sweet, and gentle. I am enjoying my stay at Ramapo Manor.” – B.

“I am very grateful for everything Ramapo Manor has done for me. They all went above and beyond their job description especially the concierge who will go literally miles out of the way to help everyone out over here. He is great.”

“I love my job because it gets me out of my house which is great for my age. I love meeting the residents and families every day. I think the concierge program is great. I think Jonathan is a great asset to Ramapo Manor.”

“On the whole, I absolutely love the concern, care, love, respect, and dignity that the wonderful employees of Ramapo Manor provide. I had a right ankle fusion which rendered me completely helpless because I cannot put any weight on my ankle for three months. All the staff made a point to make sure I was comfortable and they even come to my assistance with my depression. Most especially Erlinde, Rose, Evilan, and Louise offered comfort and friendliness to me. Dale, Dave, and Jay the activity guys are great. I had wonderful therapists; Beth, Phyllis, and Chelsea were great. The food is great and the people there get you whatever you need. The aides are all very accommodating and informative. I’ve been at other nursing homes and therapy facilities but none compared to the high-quality and level that Ramapo Manor provides. The concierge program is an unbelievable program; Jonathan did a great job in making me feel comfortable and welcome.” – Monica M.

“I’ve been working at Ramapo Manor for over 16 years. I love what I do here. My residents are my top priority and as a CNA I truly enjoy making each and every one of them happy. I have amazing co-workers who provide an excellent support system, making every shift I work more enjoyable.” – Momose A.

“I was impressed with the facility, especially because the doctors were always on call. The rooms are constantly being cleaned and the therapists were great.” – M.S.

“I have been working at Ramapo Manor for 1 year now and brought with me extensive experience in working with the long term care as the director of social service. I work with a great team and love doing what I do. It’s a pleasure working at Ramapo Manor.” – Jayne L.

“Superb therapists- speech, physical, occupational- unbelievable exercising with professionals. Each one with a great outlook and personality to give each patient hope and better health. ”

“The entire staff treats every patient as if they are part of a very large family. The care, and therapy you receive here is excellent.” – Johann I.

“This place is great! The Atrium is a great place to gather around with other residents for activities, meals, and to socialize with people. I love the concierge program; it works amazing between the residents/patients and caregiver. Any problem that we have he gets it taken care of in a short period of time.” – Rosemarie B.

“I enjoy all the employees here, they are all kind and favorable. I enjoy the food- breakfast, lunch, and dinner- they serve you in bed or the dining room it’s really enjoyable. The beds and rooms and hallways are always very clean.” – R. Valentin

“I have been at Ramapo Manor on and off for 2 years. I am extremely happy with the care that has been given. The staff is very kind and caring they try to meet each residents requests. I would highly recommend this place to people who ask for a recommendation.” – J. O’ Donnell

“I have been here for almost a month, and the day and night nurses/aids are absolutely great. Especially when giving out the medications on time and TLC (Tender Loving Care). Housekeeping keeps the rooms and beds clean at all times. Food was always served on time with pleasantries. The PT and OT was the most enjoyable, as were the therapists.”

“Ramapo Manor is a great place to work. Everyone is nice, I am very grateful to the opportunity to work here. We all work as a team to give the residents the best care and a lifetime memory. We take care of our patients as unique and specialty every day. I have learned a lot from watching my supervisors and coworkers. I LOVE MY JOB! The concierge program is great, continue, and keep up with a great job.”
– Amy

“I am a Resident here at Ramapo Manor for 5 years. I really enjoy my time here. Since I am here, we have more activities like art, plays, and glee club where we get together and talk of things that are going on between ourselves like you would do at a home setting. Thank you all staff for always making my stay as comfortable as possible.” – Denise N.

“I came here because I wanted a safe and welcoming place as soon as I came, I felt like this was the place… we received prompt responses, willingness to cooperate and support me and my family. I keep progressing, adapting well, and opening up to others. I would like to thank Jonathan the concierge director who is always willing to listen, always with a smile.” – Carmen, F.

“We are getting personal attention from the employees, they go out of their way to make the days easier. I have physical problems; they help me through them.” – A. Skope

“My name is Jay, and I have been so blessed working at Ramapo Manor, especially with the residents.”
– Jay A.

“Ramapo Manor has been a blessing. The physical and occupational therapy is excellent. There has been a lot of new changes such as new floors and new walls. Everything looks great. My room was all brand new and very clean. I was very comfortable there. They have a lot of activities and professional talent. The staff at Ramapo Manor knew my name and even the directors who were very humble pitched it to help in any way they could.” – M. Rifenbury

“I have spent the last seven weeks at Ramapo Manor and have found everyone to be extremely kind, caring, and professional.” – Veronica B.

“I have been working at Ramapo Manor for about 3 months and the staff here are wonderful, professional, and always willing to go above and beyond for our residents.”
– Yosaif Naftel/ MA coordinator.

“The physical therapy that I received while I was at Ramapo Manor was wonderful. I love how the staff motivated me to work harder. That is the reason I am able to leave this facility. I have been here in the past and like the previous stay, you guys took wonderful care of me. Thank you for all of your help.” – R. Kroth

“You guys put a whole new meaning on customer service. From the time that I walked into the time that I left you guys were the best. I was always well taken care of. Anything I ever asked for would be brought to me right away. I was so impressed.” – M. Graves

“I was very impressed with the customer service that you guys provided me while I was here at Ramapo Manor. You guys were always there if I needed something and the rehabilitation was excellent.” – A. Farquharson

“I was very lucky to receive such excellent care during the past few months at Ramapo Manor. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with so many lovely people. The new dining room looks great!” – G.Palumbo

“The staff at Ramapo Manor was lovely. I was so happy that I was able to participate in the painting activities. You guys took excellent care of me.” -Kennish

“I loved knowing that I was safe and sound while staying at Ramapo Manor. My daughter works at your facility so seeing her every day made me feel like I was back at home.” – R. Swanson

“I was very satisfied with my stay at Ramapo Manor. The quality of care was exceptional and the nursing staff was always there to help me.” – M.Dane

“You guys saved my life. When I was at the hospital I thought I wasn’t going to make it out of there. After coming to Ramapo Manor and receiving such excellent rehabilitation and pulmonary care I am finally able to return back home. Thank you guys so much for everything that you did. I am so blessed to have been able to come to his facility.”

“I was well taken care of while I was at Ramapo Manor. I had to stay a little longer than planned but in the end it really helped me with my rehabilitation. I enjoyed all of the amenities that you guys provided me. I would also like to thank you guys for doing my laundry while I was here.” – D. Wittels

“I loved the food at Ramapo Manor. I liked the option of being able to choose my meals. Laura Goodstein was such a sweetheart. She was always there when I needed her.”

 – L. Brush

“Everyone was so nice and friendly to me while I was at Ramapo Manor.” -E. Kelly

“Ramapo Manor was absolutely stunning. The entire staff was great. I loved being able to participate in the activities that were provided. I will really miss you guys.” – D.Horne

“I had to come to Ramapo Manor for a Respite stay. While I was here I received excellent care from all of the staff. For those five days I really thought I was at home.” – M. Urick

“The quality of care that I got from my nurses and aides was exceptional. They did an excellent job of taking care of me.” – J. Macconnell

“The Hot Towel Service was the best part of my days. I loved the lavender scent. That is going to be the number one thing that I will miss most about Ramapo Manor. You guys provided me with excellent care and everyone treated me like a king. I look forward to coming back to visit you guys.” – R. Requa

“I was very pleased with the luncheon yesterday. I thought it was very nice of the facility to throw a party for the staff. The food was delicious and it was nice to see staff from different shifts.” – P.Sibson

“Ramapo Manor was the best!” – E.Peck

“I came to Ramapo Manor for the Pulmonary Rehab program. After months of illnesses I could not walk, I was on 4 liters of oxygen and so weak I could not do anything without losing my breath. When Joe the Respiratory Therapist and Eileen from PT got me walking again and reduced my oxygen. I felt so much better to be able to breathe and control my anxiety they gave me a second chance to return to my life again. I can’t thank the Ramapo Pulmonary Rehab team for all their support, making getting better fun and believing in me.” – G.Palumbo

“I was well taken care of while I was at Ramapo Manor. I had to stay a little longer than planned but in the end it really helped me with my rehabilitation. I enjoyed all of the amenities that you guys provided me. I would also like to thank you guys for doing my laundry while I was here.” – D. Wittels

“Ramapo Manor was absolutely stunning. The entire staff was great. I loved being able to participate in the activities that were provided. I will really miss you guys.” – D. Horne

“From the walk up to my room I knew that Ramapo Manor was the right place for me. I was so fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful and caring people. I really liked the Tablet that they provided me which helped me stay connected with family and friends through social media.” – S. Lopez

“I love the vibes from the Ramapo Manor Team. I have been working here for a little over three weeks and since arriving here everyone has welcomed me with open arms.” – H. Hill

“Ramapo Manor was absolutely wonderful. Everything went smoothly while I was there. I would like to thank all of the lovely staff that took care of me. You guys made me feel safe.” – R. Kantell

“A+ all around. I had a knee replacement and I am so happy I came to Ramapo Manor. The therapy was out of this world.” – A. Mchale

“I was very happy to be awarded Employee of The Month. It was such an honor for me and I am so happy to be a member of the Ramapo Manor Team. I love working with the residents on a daily basis.”
– D. O’Dell, Activity Leader

“I had a wonderful stay at Ramapo Manor. I was very pleased with the quality of care that I received. My nurses were the best!” – M. Wineglass

“Another successful stay at Ramapo Manor. Thank you guys for doing what you do best and that is providing excellent care. It was great to see everyone.” – N. Donato

“I was so happy with the care I received while at Ramapo Manor. The nurses always made sure I was okay and when I got lonely they would let me sit by their station. I thought that was so nice of them and I loved knowing that I was safe here.” – G.Palumbo

“The private room that they gave me while I was at Ramapo Manor was absolutely stunning. It was very spacious and I loved how all my visitors were able to fit without a problem. I think that you guys do an excellent job with your rehabilitation program and I was overall pleased with everything while I was at this facility.” – A. Jaeger

“The customer service level that Ramapo Manor provided was excellent. Everything that I ever asked for was always taken care of for me. The staff was always very hands on when it came to making sure I was well taken care of. Keep up the great work!” – A. Biondo

“I was here for 330 days and every day I received wonderful care from the entire staff. I made so many special relationships while I was here that I hope to stay in touch with everyone. I loved the different amenities that were provided each day. You guys were wonderful. Thank you for everything.” – C. Harris

“Another rocking stay here at Ramapo Manor. Every time I get more impressed with how wonderful of a facility you guys have.” – P. Cerasaro

“The physical and occupational therapy was excellent. I was able to recover and go home a lot faster than I anticipated. Thank you guys so much for everything you did.” – G. Simmons

“The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program saved my life! I was in really bad shape before coming to Ramapo Manor. With the hard work from your staff I am finally able to go home.” – K. Matthews

“I am so happy to work at Ramapo Manor. It has always been my dream job to be a Social Worker and I am lucky to work with such a great team.” – J. Gomez

“I was very fortunate to get such excellent care while I was at Ramapo Manor. The nursing staff was excellent.” – S. Cronk

“This facility provided the best Rehabilitation. I am so happy that I am able to walk independently again. Kudos to you guys!” – V. Fruechticht

“I am so happy to be around so many caring people. Every time I have to come back to Ramapo Manor I am always welcomed back with open arms.”
-S. Pinto

“I loved the variety of channels that Ramapo Manor provided for watching TV. I was so happy I got to see the METS WIN!”
-J. Treutle

“PT/OT was absolutely extraordinary. They helped me get back on my feet and that is the reason why I came to Ramapo Manor. Job well done guys!”
– N. Dade

“This program was very helpful to me. My breathing has gotten so much stronger. When I started this program, I wasn’t even able to walk and I was getting 4 liters of oxygen around the clock. When I finished the program, I was only getting 2 liters of oxygen daily and I am now walking on my own! This program is the reason I am able to head back to Peru to see my friends and family. The therapists showed me a lot of different breathing exercises and techniques that I can use while I am at home. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone who has trouble breathing.”
– L. Espinoza

“I loved every part of Ramapo Manor. It was such a positive experience. I really enjoyed making bracelets and necklaces with Jay. I would recommend Ramapo Manor to anyone who is in need of Rehabilitation.”

“It was great seeing all of my friends again. I have been at Ramapo Manor numerous amounts of times and every time it gets better and better. I love all of you guys. I love all of the goodies that Kris the Concierge provides.”
-F. Allgood

“The service was excellent here at Ramapo Manor. I would like to personally thank the nursing staff for the excellent care they provided me. Each staff member always had a smile on their face.”
-D. Moynihan

“Ramapo Manor got me stronger each day thanks to the wonderful Rehabilitation Staff. I am now able to return back to my house. The staff went above and beyond for me. My family lives in the Pittsburgh area so I was not able to see them often. I missed them so much each but with friendliness of the staff I really felt like they were with me the entire time. God Bless all of you.”
-M. Tummons

“I love what you guys have done to the place. The renovations to the facility look wonderful. I really enjoyed my room. It was stunning.”
-V. Marcinec

“Kris was the sweetest and most accommodating person I have ever met. He would always give me a big hug when he saw me and always had a smile on his face. Anything I needed would be done without hesitation. He is a true gentleman. I was very happy at Ramapo and even though I am happy to be going home, I am going to miss all my friends that I made while I was there.”
-G. Clavell

“The nurses provided me with such wonderful care while I was at this facility. I have been a resident at Ramapo Manor a few times and each time my stays get better and better.”
-D. Tuzzolino

“I was so pleased with Ramapo Manor. The Rehab that I got was out of this world. Any question I ever had was always answered. You guys were great.”
-M. McCavitt

“My mom was a resident at Ramapo Manor for a little less than a month. While she was here she was always well taken care of and got all the TLC that she needed. The staff was very helpful and any issues we had were always addressed. A special thanks to the Rehabilitation team for getting my mom strong again.”
-J. Ordinario

“Ramapo Manor was fantastic. You guys provided me with wonderful care. The private room was an excellent touch. Thank you guys for all of your help.”
-J. Saye

“For the last three weeks I have been involved in the Ramapo Manor Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. Prior to being a participant in this program, I was getting oxygen three times a day. Since entering this program each day my breathing has gotten stronger. I am now walking without any oxygen. This has truly been a miracle and I am so thankful that Ramapo Manor now has a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. I would recommend this program to anyone that needs help with their breathing.”
-B. Minisman

“The quality of care that I received at Ramapo Manor was five stars.”
-L. Rizzo

“My private room was gorgeous. I thought I was staying at the Ritz Carlton.”
– O. Smith

“Every time I come to Ramapo Manor you guys always provide me with excellent care. Thank you for another lovely stay.”
– J. Toner

“The physical therapy was out of this world. Thanks to your wonderful staff I was able to leave after just ten days.”
– D. Delay

“This place was like a hotel.”
– W. Jones

“Laura the Director of Food and nutrition was the best! She would always make sure my food orders were correct.”
– L. Clegg

“Thank you for everything that Ramapo Manor did for my dad. I am so happy to be able to bring him home.”
-J. Hanley

“The care was extraordinary at Ramapo Manor. Kristal provided me with excellent care. She is a terrific nurse but an even better person. I am going to really miss my conversations with her.”
– M. Russignan

“Kris the concierge went above and beyond for me. Anytime I needed something he would immediately come into my room with it. He was always a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. I will truly miss him.”
-E. Reiff

“Everyone at Ramapo Manor was great. The care I received was excellent and your Rehab is the best!” -G. Cooper

“I loved my private room at Ramapo Manor. It was so spacious and nice. Thank you for all the services that you provided me.” – E. Rothofsky

“Sharon and Kristal provided excellent care for me while I was at Ramapo Manor. They always came into my room with smiles on their faces and that would always brighten my day.”
-G. Waidler

“This won’t be the last time I come to Ramapo Manor. I had such a wonderful experience that I would love to become a volunteer here and visit regularly. The staff went above and beyond for me. The dinner that was held for me last night brought tears to my eyes and the flowers that I was given were beautiful. This facility is top notch. God Bless you all.”
-L. Melendez

“Ramapo Manor took wonderful care of me while I was in their facility. Everyone always greeted me with a smile on their face and would ask if there is anything I could do for you. From Housekeeping to Nursing, your Facility shows excellent customer service skills. Keep doing what you guys do.”
-U. Desiervo

“The entire staff was really exceptional here at Ramapo Manor. I was so happy that I choose to come here. The nursing staff and the therapists were the best.”
-P. Goldberg

“I was so thankful for the care I received while I was at Ramapo Manor. You guys motivated me every day to want to recover and get better. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.”
-P. Salazar

“Shefali from Physical Therapy was the best. When I first came into Ramapo I was unable to walk. I am leaving tomorrow and now thanks to her I will be leaving on my own two feet. I am so thankful for all that Ramapo Manor did for me.”

“Kristal the Nurse went above and beyond to provide my mother the quality care that she needed. She would always have a smile on her face when she entered the room which made us feel so warm and welcomed. I thank her for the excellent experience that my family and I had while at Ramapo Manor.”
-Family of Sonia. M

(In regards to Laura, a Dietician): You must have a magic wand! You accepted all of my input! I’ve had a fabulous dining experience thanks to you. I am much appreciated and impressed by you for all that you have done for me.”
– M. Hendrichs

“Crystal the RN was terrific. She would always make sure that I was well taken care of even when I wasn’t her patient. She would always have a smile on her face which was always so warm and welcoming. A smile on a employees face goes a long way when you are in a Rehab Facility. I am so thankful to have had her as my nurse.”
-Beatrice. G

“Disha from Physical Therapy was a delight to work with everyday. She would always motivate me and make me want to push myself harder. I will always be thankful for all of the care that I received while I was here at Ramapo Manor.”
– Joan. H

“I didn’t want to leave Ramapo Manor I was treated so well! I miss my aides and nurses.”
-Beatrice. G

“Chef Arnold will go above and beyond to make sure that your dietary needs are met. He is the best.”
-Nancy. S

“I am forever in debt to Ramapo Manor. They saved my life and I am so thankful for that.”
-Harold. B

“Joe receives wonderful rehab at Ramapo. He has OT and PT five days a week… OT Therapist Amanda is very skilled as well as compassionate. PT Therapist Arnold is also very skilled and compassionate. The extensive support given to Joe and others is a privilege to observe. I am also pleased to say that Joe very much enjoys the food [at Ramapo]… Joe is fortunate to be at Ramapo.”
-William Powers

“I found the staff at Ramapo Manor to be outstanding. They were attentive and caring and made sure all my needs were met. The rehab team helped me get back to myself following my recent stroke. They taught me to speak, walk and take care of myself. I owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.”
-Mary Ann F.

“Shirlyn the RN was wonderful. She was very helpful and was always very patient with me when I had to ask her questions.”
– Shirley.W

“Everyone here at Ramapo Manor treated me with such loving care. You guys are all so special and I will miss every one of you.”
– Mary. M

“Lorraine was very accommodating with providing transportation for me. I had a great overall experience while I was at Ramapo Manor.”
-M. Mouacdie

“The hospitality that you guys provided me while I was at Ramapo Manor was phenomenal. Everyone did such a great job of making sure that all of my needs were met.”
– E. Spina

“The nurses I had while I was at Ramapo Manor were wonderful. Marci and Kristal really went above and beyond for me.”
– J. Sawyer

“The employees were very caring and conscientious during my stay here. If I asked for an extra blanket or towel I would always get it right away.”
– J. Gore

“It was such a pleasure to see everyone have a smile on their face during National Nursing Home Week. The employee BBQ was a very nice touch and made me feel very special. Weeks like those really make me love what I do.”
– D. Kryger, staff

“From the Volley Ball tournament to the Live Entertainment National Nursing Home Week was hooked up from head to toe. I was so happy to be a part of all of the activities. I wish every week was National Nursing Home Week.”
– J. Interieri, resident